Horticulture LED lighting continues to gain momentum as the go to product in today’s ACE industry.

Most utility companies across the United States offer rebates and incentives for customers who switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, replacing outdated and inefficient lighting sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, high pressure sodium, and metal halide. These programs are designed to encourage energy
conservation and reduce overall energy usage, allowing customers to save money on their energy bills while also decreasing their carbon footprint.

We would like to bring to your attention the potential cost savings that can be achieved by upgrading your lights to Medic Grow LEDs.

LED Rebate Program applies to LED lighting only. As Well as providing growers with the most efficient horticultural lights available, DLC&ETL certified LED grow lights from Medic Grow are eligible for most utility incentives and rebates. Your lighting installation cost can be significantly reduced if you switch to Medic Grow since it uses less energy and participates in lighting rebate programs.

By making the switch, you may be able to save anywhere between 10% to 75% on your energy bills. Our team can assist you in determining your eligibility for an upgrade in your area and guide you through the application process. To get
started, please let us know your location and the type of fixture you are currently using.

Not all LED lights are eligible for rebates. Most utility companies require that
they be certified by either the DesignLights
Consortium (DLC) or ENERGY STAR, which guarantees their high energy efficiency.
To determine which LED rebates are available in your area, I recommend reaching out to your local utility company directly or contacting Medic Grow for

Rebate Forum

Contactus with your company information and lighting purchases to see if you qualifyfor a rebate on your purchase.