Controllability plays a great role for LED grow lights. Our LED lights offer the best controllability in the cannabis lighting industry. The combination of Medic Grow LEDs and TSC-2 Controller helps grower a lot. Growers can easily control the status of light fixtures in their facilities, achieve satisfactory results and maximize the yields.




Light plays an important role in Photosynthesis.

The Light quality is an more important factor than light quantity.

How well the light can be taken up by the plants and the spectral composition of the light rather than the intensity of light make more senses on maximizing the yields of cannabis.

Importance of


Light is essential, and a well-designed intelligent control system can maintain optimal conditions to ensure better cannabis quality, provide what they need during the whole stages of growth. Thus Light quality and Controllability are very important for maximizing the use of light energy, saving energy, reducing growing cycles, enhancing production and improve cannabis quality.

Light spectrum has great influence on cannabis growth. It determines the flavor, taste and color, size and flowering time of cannabis.

Energy Efficient

On one hand, traditional HID/HPS lights cannot adjust the spectrum and intensity specifically. Generally a mass of wavelengths is emitted, but only a few of those can actually benefit the plant’s photosynthetic rate and a big chunk of energy will go to waste as heat
On the other hand, Medic Grow LEDs with great controllability is the perfect choice to produce efficent light for photosynthesis. With tunable spectrum and more functions to create a better controlled environment for your indoor grow, plants grow like in the nature, no waste of energy. Medic Grow LEDs are DLC certified, further reducing your energy cost.

Good Quality & Higher Yield

Cannabis in different growing stages will require different ideal light spectrum and intensity to maximize yield and gurantee quality.

Far red light can stimulate flowering, while red / far red ratio regulates stem elongation and branching, leaf expansion, and reproduction. Our flexible controllabilty of individual dimming and UV/IR lights ensure the light quality and highly improved the yields. See case page for more info.

More intelligent control

Spectrum Tunable = Smarter Control on Different Stages of Growth
The all-in-one Control System will cover every cultivator’s needs.

TSC-2 & Medic Grow
A Perfect Combination
Maximizes Controllability

MaximIze Your ROI

Medic Grow LEDs and TSC-2 make a perfect match, and nothing beats the conbination of Medic Grow LEDs with the Wireless Group Control system

By adopting the unique wireless wifi-mesh solution instead of 0-10V light fixture control wiring, that brings security, stability and scalability for your commercial facilities.

Connect and operate Medic Grow lights with the Wireless Group connection networking system for paramount results. With wifi-mesh technology, multiple functions can be achieved

Expert-level Controls
for a Variety of Grows:

1. Wireless and automatically net working;
2. Group control, Suitable for 1~2 grow rooms;
3. Swtich, Dim, Spectrum adjust from central unit;

• Simulate natural Sunrise/Sunset conditions.
• Support GLT timer for better growing & power saving.
• Monitor CO2, temperature & humidity with 3 in 1 Sensor.
• Over-temperature protection & updated by Wi-Fi

Perceton 3-in-1 Environmental CONTROL SYSTEM

Integrated a precise temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensor to help growers to measure 3 of the most important factors in growing plants: the CO2 Concentration(PPM), the Temperature(°F), and the Humidity(%), and display on Medic Grow TSC-2